Goalies 2014-2015


 Welcome to the NGS Goalie Page

  Something new we started in 2012; a webpage for our Goalies (the most important position)!  It is our intention to use this page to communicate to our goaltenders, coaches & parents as well as to provide valuable resources.

  Please check in for regluar updates.

  Any comments/questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Andrew. Arkinstall



Goalie Clinics


We are pleased to announce that we are starting the season early and getting our goalies on the ice for 2 clinics.  Both ice times will be in Maxville:

·         Wednesday, Sept. 3 @ 18:30-20:00

·         Thursday, Sept. 4 @ 18:00-19:30

Essential Goaltending

  There is an excellent goaltending recource out there; Goaltending Essentials.  This comprehensive instruction/study manual was produced by Stephen McKichan of Future Pro.  Mr. McKichan is a former NHL goalie and goalie coach and has done an excellent job on his manual.  I will make it available to all goalie/coaches/parents and am presently looking at options since it is a large file.