Atom C Braves win A title in Leeds

The NGS atom C Braves captured the A championship at a tournament held in Leeds on Nov. 25. Pictured front from left are: Dryden Coleman and Rowan Smith. Middle row from left: Jesse Leroux, Payton Leger and Quinn Anderson. Back row from left: Kevin Anderson, Innis McDonell, Robbie Joanette, Alex Simon, Mason Anderson, Hayden Darling, Jason Leroux and Eric McDonell.

Midget B2 Playoff Champs

1st row   Connor Eliott,Derryk Gauthier,Jacob Gauthier,Ryan MacMaster

2nd row  Kiel Coleman,Ethan Bourgeois,Mathieu Girard,Beau Watkins,Micheal Reid,Yanik Lampron

3rd  row  Rick Askes,Ethan Askes,Brigham Hill,Kyler Giroux,Sylvio Giroux,Frank Girard

Regular Season:

The NGS Midget 2 House Braves were 10-0-2 when they lost for the first time in regular-season play on January 7.

The Braves are the only team in the LSLMHL that defeated the first place team, the South Stormont Selects, in the regular season not only once but twice.